Original Piano F.U.N. Method

F.U.N. Method Music Series

Billy Christopher's Original F.U.N. MethodFast, Understandable and Natural (F.U.N.) this method is a quick way to learn basic and even more complex piano or keyboard chords in less than an hour! (Part I) You'll be playing in no time. No kidding!  Whether you've taken years of lessons but can't play chords or don't even know the names of the notes, you can learn from this series. Billy teaches people to play even some of the most complex piano/keyboard chords in a truly innovative way. In under an hour you will learn to play chords that others learn only after years of classical instruction.

Play the Piano or Keyboard in under an hour!  (Volume I)

  • Accompany yourself with chords
  • Beginner to advanced
  • No experience necessary
  • Basic to complex chords
  • Simple and easy formula to remember

The Inversion Version (Volume II)

The Inversion Version helps further your understanding of basic and even more complex chord structures in a F.U.N. and different way with ease. After all - there's more than one way to play a chord!

  • Quicker chord changes
  • Create different sounds
  • Smoother chord transitions
  • Enjoy common tone convenience
  • Mixing chord techniques

Coming soon... An Improvisation Revelation!

From the novice to the well-trained classical musician there is often a significant gap between being able to read music and being able to play music spontaneously. This will help teach you how to very simply improvise and play on the fly!

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