Guest Ministry

Billy Christopher - Original F.U.N. MethodBilly travels to a wide variety of churches ministering as a worship leader, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. From a simple and quiet worship service to a multi-faceted worship concert, Billy will help lead your praise team and congregation in worshipping the Lord.


An inspirational singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Billy ministers with a wide variety of styles; from deeply intimate worship with piano, guitar and voice to wailin'on the sax. Billy leads praise and worship in concert and in worship services, often incorporating the host church praise team in the concert program while encouraging audience participation. In concert, Billy will play any combination, if not all, of his instruments (soprano, alto and tenor sax, flugel horn, trumpet, flute, guitar plus piano/keyboard)... just not all at once!

Worship Leader

Billy helps lead praise and worship with voice, guitar and keyboard. He can minister with church praise teams in a contemporary service as well as with an organist in a traditional service. When leading worship, he tries to be sensitive to the song selection based on the current needs of the congregation, as well as the sermon topic and scripture references. Billy tries to build confidence in and encourages vocalists and praise team members. With his experiences as a worship leader he also consults with newly established or existing churches. Billy helps in their selection of musical equipment, instruments, songs, tempos, styles and format to fit their worship needs; contemporary, blended and traditional.

F.U.N. Method "LIVE" Seminars

Although this method can be used for all styles of music, helping equip people to praise and worship God is one of Billy's top priorities. He teaches a one hour class (when traveling) or a three hour class (with live keyboards available within Arizona and vicinity) on how to play the piano or keyboard. This class will take someone that doesn't even know the names of the notes, to playing fairly complex chord structures in less than an hour.

"Now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation." 2 Corinthians 6:2 NIV