To all people interested in playing piano in under an hour;

I have an outstanding opportunity to share with you. I want to recommend an innovative [..]
Mr. Arlen Salte
The one-hour F.U.N. Method course was amazing! You really can learn all you need to play the piano in an hour! In addition to the great method of teaching, I wa[..]
Mary Anne O'Donnell
I bought Billy Christopher's video on how to play the piano in one hour. What a riot! I watched 10 minutes of it yesterday and was so excited about what I learn[..]
Lila Stafford
This is a blessing from the Lord. I never thought I would learn how to play the piano. Excellent. Amazing. Fantastic! Great seminar. I was very happy with this [..]
F.U.N. Method Seminar Participant
We are a very blended congregation as far as our worship and musical preferences are concerned and love adding good, meaningful new songs to our repertoire. I a[..]
Absolutely phenomenal! I can't believe how easy this is, it's like paint by numbers for music. I was totally overwhelmed at the simplicity and ease of the F.U.N[..]
Betsy Kramer
I took 10 years of classical music and was taught with traditional scales, etc., but was never taught to chord. Thank you for inspiring me to get back to my pia[..]
F.U.N. Seminar Participant
We use The Best of the Best...quite often in planning our contemporary worship service. We love the words and melody of this song - Do This In Remembrance of Me[..]
Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts. The praise and worship time together and the concert were truly a blessing.[..]
Pastor Dan
I feel like I just had a Spiritual bubble bath (after intimate worship from the heart with Billy Christopher).[..]
Pastor Ron Stelzer
I LOVE it! I just finished your piano video. It is F.U.N.! Your approach is sound and works well.[..]
Jonathan Schultz
Your DVD is an answer to prayer. I can sing and play music for our Lord.[..]
We enjoy the gifts of your music in our service.[..]
I enjoy singing and praising God with you.[..]

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